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General Site Rules

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General Site Rules

Post by Xenji Ichizouki on Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:18 am

Mandatory Site Rules

We don't care what the famous quote is, rule's are not meant to be here. To prevent mayhem from breaking out within our community we've developed rules intended to stop any rude, ignorant or intolerable behavior. Breaking any of the rules below will result in a warning dependent on the severity of the situation, if you're being blatantly rude with moderation they have the right decide whether or not you need a temporary ban from Siege Chronicle's. Us staff do not ask much other than for a some-what mature community who is capable of respecting our rules in order to provide the best help and moderation as possible.

Rules List

  • - Try to keep cussing to a minimal, use it in respective manners, not directed towards other individual's as insults.
  • - No more than two account's out of time, the second one only being permitted after achieving Knight Rank.
  • - Absolutely 110% drama free, if you do not like what an individual has to say about your build or decision making, ignore it. That goes for vise-versa, if you don't have anything nice to say keep it shut, we're adult's not children.
  • - Never ask for any position of Staff, the only similar occasion we permit is asking if we're currently looking for moderation. We'll always post in the News for recruitment.
  • - Learn our two hour decency policy, or else you may deal with a grumpy mod who's been working for several hours. We'll get to your pending request's in time, if two hours pass don't hesitate on asking for us to look.
  • - NEVER try to cheat any of our System's or Guideline's, for you shall receive an instant temporary ban with a demotion for your ways. There's no sugar coating it, there's nothing more disgusting than a filthy putrid cheater, we don't tolerate such kind here.

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