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Chat Box Rules & Regulations

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Chat Box Rules & Regulations

Post by Xenji Ichizouki on Mon Dec 07, 2015 2:43 am

Chat Box Rules & Regulations

One of our most valued privileges has to be our auto-refreshing Chat Box on Siege Chronicle's home page, giving the community the ability to communicate freely with one another while awaiting for their update's or a post. Many tend to use this Chat Box on their free time, creating friendship's which is what we strive for in our role-play. In order to continue having this privilege run so smoothly, there must be rules! Moderation is responsible for the upkeep and/or any conflicts or dispute's between anyone. To be sure you won't cause any form of trouble we consider intolerable, please thoroughly examine the rules below.

Chat Box Rules

  • - Absolutely no intended racism. Racial slur's are at a fine line of being enforced as intolerable. Only joke around with individual's whom you personally know won't be offended.
  • - Try to keep cussing to a minimal, I know I know... It's difficult to control a slip of a tongue, since we're a mature community we ask you to watch your tongue, never inflict such verbal arrogance towards another member.
  • - This is one we all must monitor ourselves personally, or else it'll result in being kicked from the Chat two times before being temporarily banned. Spamming isn't going into fine detail about a subject or current interest, spamming in our eye's is writing less than five words a sentence, five times ina row.
  • - Respect one another no matter what kind of heat you have between each other. Leave all drama at the doorstep whenever you enter the realm of Siege Chronicles, we don't mind supporting each other however we're a role-play not a help site.
  • - Don't harass moderation to do something which selfishly benefit's you not considering their current situation. Constantly reading through pending request's is time consuming and tiresome in order to prevent any issues. Follow the Two Hour Decency rule and you'll be fine.

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