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Ranking System

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Ranking System

Post by Xenji Ichizouki on Mon Dec 07, 2015 3:54 am

The Ranking System

Your Character's Ranking says a lot about your development, strength and importance within your Country's community. In order to progress further into the depths of our role-play's customization Character's must progress throughout our Ranking System. Most of these rank's are not anywhere near easy to obtain, certain number's of Quest's and other development factor's play a large role in your promotion. This weed's out the player-base which isn't dedicated enough to truly deserve such an honorable Ranking, increasing the certain amount of Specialization's one can have along with entitlement's that truly change your Character's play-style indefinitely. To check available Rank's within any land you desire to join, back-track to the Homepage and look in Village Updates. Below indicate's what each Ranking Entitlement is, how it effect's your Character's reputation and differences it bring's to the player's table.

Ranks Available

  • Page - A Page is an occupation in some professional capacity. Unlike the traditional pages where they were normally younger males, these pages tend to be older and can either be male or female. Page's spend the majority of their day's either perfecting in their first specialization or doing the pity work other's don't have time for. This teaches responsibility to all Pages, becoming a Squire once they've completed over 5 D-Ranked Quest's along with approval of Monarchy. These young individual's start with one Specialization along with one Mastery Point which can be used to develop an Adept Mastery. 50 Stat Point's are distributed to the user's desire, not including Heritage Line's or Genetic Trait's.

  • Squire - A Squire is the shield- or armor-bearer of a Knight. At times, Squires act as the Knight’s errand runner or servant. Initially, Squires are usually Knight’s trainees/apprentices following the command's of their commander being Knight rank or higher. Although a Squire isn't dealing with the pity work such as Page's, it doesn't necessarily change much of their reputation since they haven't proven themselves to the public. Once a Monarchy has noted a Squire who has achieved over D-Ranked Quest's and 3 C-Ranked, they have a once in a life-time opportunity to be crowned as a Monarchy's Knight.

  • Knight - A Knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch or other political leader for service to the Monarch or country, especially in a military capacity. One's who have accepted this entitlement are noted for their professionalism within the art of arm's, along with enough Courage for a Monarch to note. Spending the last tedious year's of their life training both physically and mentally, a Character has achieved their Secondary Specialization along with another Mastery Point. Having their continuously never-ending increasing knowledge also permit's a Knight to pick up a Job Specialization. Many Character's will live their lives happily within this Ranking, however the finest of the Monarchy's selection are later-on promoted to a Royal. That is, if a Knight is capable of Accomplishing over 7 D-Ranked, 5 C-Ranked, and 3 B-Ranked Quest's. Any individual starting at Knight gets 80 Stat Points to distribute.

  • Royal - Royal's are known to be the strongest of all Knight's given the highest honoring entitlement one could be promoted with. These character's are renown by most within their Country's, excelling further than past Monarch expectation's and demands. Dependent on your reputation within the community, many under your current position tend to look up to your or fear your strength's. Royal's even have authority, control, or power over others that rank below them, however such a wondrous privilege can easily be taken away by their Monarchy. Nearly mastering the art of Specialization, the final Specialization has finally been achieved along with another Mastery Point. Any individual starting at Royal gets 120 Stat Points to distribute.

  • Monarch - A Monarch is the sovereign head in a monarchy. A Monarch may exercise the most and highest authority in the state or others may wield that power on behalf of the monarch. Typically a Monarch either personally inherits the lawful right to exercise the state's sovereign rights (often referred to as the throne or the crown) or is selected by an established process from a family or cohort eligible to provide the nation's monarch. Alternatively, an individual may become monarch by conquest, acclamation or a combination of means. No other character surpasses your Ranking within your country, known to be the most powerful individual to their existence. To become a Monarch one must establish a monarchy within a Land where no Country has been created in order to become the heir of their new-found Kingdom. Any individual starting as a Monarch gets 175 Stat Points to distribute, other than that and entitlement there's no other benefit's of Monarchy.

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