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Travel Guidelines & Introduction

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Travel Guidelines & Introduction

Post by Xenji Ichizouki on Mon Dec 07, 2015 3:08 am

Travelling throughout Siege Chronicles

Travelling is Mother Nature's most breath-taking experience, the vast land's of Siege Chronicles elaborating the radiant beauty in fine detail within the different environments. In order to create an even more realistic twist, moderation has developed a Travel Guide discussing how to travel, where to find specific time's for international border jumping and much more. You must travel properly throughout your land in order for any development to be considered legit, for instance; you're in the residential area of your town, suddenly you've jumped to a topic half way across the country. This is never permitted, while in a serious enough case could result in voiding the topic in general, therefore it's probably wise to make sure you understand how both National and International travel work.

Travelling the Country

Whenever travelling throughout a country you must think of common sense whenever jumping through post's. Let's say you just started off, therefore your starting location is the residential quarter's of your Village, deciding you want to check out the local stores. You must write a post of a unspecified word-count stating you're leaving to the next area, ALWAYS adding an [EXIT] indication at the end of every post. These exit post's can be completed within another post as well, while [ENTERING] and [EXITING] at once. You must start a post now within the area you specified within your last post, adding [ENTERING] at the end. You can ONLY travel to location's within your proximity, use common sense. If you're in the Tzouhalem Village section, you can only visit Tzouhalem Village area's. Since the Village is barricaded, one must make their [EXIT] post in this current area, you're not going to hop over the wall. The process of order continues on throughout land, creating character-based travel to benefit the realism of the role-play, luckily having no travel time period since it's local.

Travelling Internationally

Travelling throughout various Country's and Land's come with a certain travel period dependent on the distance, this being a moment where your Character can only role-play within that current topic before arrival. Even though island's may be within the proximity of a Country, it's still classified as International Travel needing a boat or other means of transportation. Within the World Geography section of the site lies a forum called "Geographical Travel" within the World Map topic. Here all mean's of transportation, fee's, time's and distances are detailed to the extent of allowing the community to know where to go, what you'll need and how to leave properly.

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