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Gaia the Goliath Serpent.

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Gaia the Goliath Serpent.

Post by Xenji Ichizouki on Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:46 pm

Gaia the Goliath Serpent.

General Analysis

Full Name: Gaia the Goliath Serpent.
Species: Reptile.
Sub-Species: Snake.
Grading: A-Grade Ranking.
Elemental Affinity: Fire and Water Affinity, combining with poisonous mushroom's consumed by the sacred Serpent. Altogether creating the Poisonous Elemental Affinity.
Weight: Although her size may be terrifying, Gaia's not necessarily a behemoth when it comes to weight, weighing in at a measly 450 lb's.
Height: Stretching to Gaia's maximum peak the mighty Serpent is capable of standing at forty foot tall.

Offensive Tactics

Skill Set(s):

  • Snaring Fang - As Gaia open's her mouth, her agile instinct's strike swiftly at her opponent launching an attack with specifically her fang's. If punctured, her opponent loses 20 Health Point's per post until given medical treatment by a Medic who has claimed their Mastery. Along with the consecutive damage, Gaia's fang puncture has approximately 20 bonus Strength/Damage on top of her Statistic's.
  • Venom Spritz - Using her massive four feet long fang's, Gaia sprays her nerve-agent destroying venom on all her opponents. If her opponent is inflicted with a direct hit, the exposed area will become to decompose. Thus resulting in the individual's skin being destroyed as the venom deteriorate's the interior of the wound.
  • Rotating Eclipse -  
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