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Serpent's Bane

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Serpent's Bane

Post by Xenji Ichizouki on Sat Jan 02, 2016 9:05 am

Serpent's Bane

Name of Weapon: Serpent's Bane
Weapon Type: One-handed Broadsword.
Weapon Stats:

  • Strength: +15
  • Speed: +10

Weapon Ability:

  • Being crafted from the fang of the Serpent Gaia itself, toxin's run naturally throughout the blade capable of inflicting damage-per-post if damage is inflicted upon their opponent. As Gaia's species doesn't contain life-threatening toxin's, an attack from this blade would result in a wound similar to a chemical burn to flesh. Thus, resulting in any tissues, nerves or anything of similarity to be rendered as useless in four post's without being treated. Worry not, even if the area effected isn't healed within time, a medic of high profession can assist you. As to Beast's which aren't Poison Resistant, a successful blow from the Saber's Bane will result in 20 Damage to their HP per post for three posts.

Weapon Description: Scavenged from the S-Ranked Snaked Serpent Gaia herself, Xenji single-handedly outwitted the ginormous being with the assistance of the demonic being's which reside inside the gate's within him. After inspecting the massive man-eating creature his eye's glimpsed towards one of the Serpent's flawless fangs. Pristine couldn't begin to comprehend the shape it was in, deciding to carefully yank it out of the snake's mouth to later-on bring to his brother Susamajii. Hour's on end he consistently shaved off carving's of the tooth, constructing the beautiful handle dipped in the wax from an Oak to reinforce the hilt. While he contentiously carved down each side of the sword, Susamajii noted his material's slightly begin to deteriorate from the years of toxin's within the fang itself, sharpening up his final result while coating it again in tree wax, grinding down the edges to create a razor sharp broadsword of Xenji's liking.

Weapon Requirements: -Must either have Adept Mastery in either Kendo or Iaido to use this weapon. In order to claim the weapon, one must slay Gaia, the Serpent Snake of Regalia Woods already claimed by Xenji. If one would desire the blade, one must either buy or steal the weapon, even kill the character to claim his good's.
Xenji Ichizouki
Xenji Ichizouki

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