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Prepare for an Awesome Adventure!

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Prepare for an Awesome Adventure!

Post by Xenji Ichizouki on Fri Jan 01, 2016 3:51 pm


We congratulate our staff for pulling through with my bumpy health issues I've had quickly, still having high hopes for our forum role-play. You see, this is the dedication our player-base should feel ecstatic to look forward to, along with their hours of commitment on behalf of decision making whether or not our systems are well-rounded for our legitimate community. Here at Siege Chronicles you'll begin to comprehend staff member's as family, merely being capable of telling the difference with our various character we have to offer. By the tenth of January, Siege Chronicle's will be a go for our player-base as we focus to continue to create and form varying quest's and other opportunity's to enhance your role-play experience to it's fullest. This message is more-so to thank such wonderful staff within the realm of Siege but worry not, I haven't forgotten the wondrous player-base who's been peaking in time to time! Below is a list elaborating on thing's to expect, just a little teaser to keep individual's intrigued to wait the extra few more days. Again, I Xenji thank the Staff and community for being so lenient and lovely.

  • Prepare for Villages to be built from absolute scratch, claiming your land, perhaps making it your goal to develop a mansion in the long run! All economic's are based off of player-development within villages, something unlike many other role-plays.
  • Just like our land no weapon, item or any form of piece of armor is simply created from thin air. To allow our player-base's economy to strive we've developed Skill's such as Blacksmithing, Crafting, Fletching, Alchemy and much more in order to fulfill such needs. Although such a system may sound complex, we've simplified these job's and how to set up a shop within our Guidelines & Regulation's section.
  • Everyone has contemplated the thought of having some form of monster's in their role-play, however they've either come up empty-handed or have half-assed the idea to an extent some consider somewhat satisfy-able. Our monster's in the Bestiary and on quest's have their stat's, temper, mind-set and skill set's specified, role-played by our player base depending on their situation as our Moderation retaliates, evaluating the monster's side after requesting an NPC fighter. Once you fight B-Ranked Beast's or higher you have NO choice to have a Moderator role-play a creature.
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